Top Choices for Kitchen Countertops

There are many types of countertops you can choose from during a kitchen remodel, and the sheer number of options available might leave you feeling indecisive. Choosing a countertop material requires thinking about your preferences regarding aesthetics while also considering the need for durability and longevity. Certain countertop materials also require more maintenance than others, which could play a role in your decision. Taking a moment to think about the advantages and drawbacks of the various options can help you pick out a countertop that fits perfectly into your home and lifestyle, and it will make the process much easier when you begin working with the kitchen remodeling contractors who will be performing the installation.

Choose Stone for a Natural Look

In the kitchen remodeling world, granite is one of the most popular types of countertops people request. Granite comes in many different hues that allow you to pick the perfect one to fit your kitchen’s color scheme. 

People also tend to love how stone countertops give the kitchen a natural appearance while also providing benefits such as greater heat resistance compared to some of the other types of materials. Marble is another natural stone you might consider if this material stands out to you. However, marble is porous, which means you’ll need to plan for sealing the surface often to prevent damage.

Consider the Benefits of Engineered Quartz

If you love the look of stone but prefer a material that requires less upkeep, engineered quartz is the way to go. This type of countertop is made primarily of natural quartz particles, but they’re also mixed together with other materials to increase strength and durability. Once the material is created, it’s nonporous, which means you can opt out of applying sealer. However, it does offer less heat resistance. Making sure to always use pot holders before placing hot cookware on the counter is the key to keeping this countertop in good condition.

Pick Solid Surface Countertops for a Budget-Friendly Option

As you might imagine, natural stone can be more expensive than manufactured countertop materials because it’s a limited resource. Solid surface countertops are man-made, which makes them easier on the average homeowner’s budget. These types of countertops might be more cost-effective, but they also offer some benefits over natural stone. For instance, many people love that solid surface countertops lack the seams you’ll sometimes see with natural stone.

Select Laminate for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Laminate is made from particle board, plastic, special resins, and paper that are all pressed together using heat and pressure. Due to the various layers involved in creating the material, it tends to not last as long as other countertops. However, people like its affordability, and you may prefer this material for its nonporous surface, which is better at keeping out mold and bacteria than other materials.

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