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Whether you have purchased a fixer-upper or are simply tired of the kitchen you have lived with for years, remodeling your kitchen can change the whole dynamic of your home. Most families live in their kitchens, spending hours congregating over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while prepping meals and cleaning up. A new kitchen can revitalize your home, but unlike repainting a bedroom, renovating your kitchen involves a multitude of decisions, from wall color to cabinet fixtures and everything in between, and a variety of skilled professionals to get the job done.
At Forever Builders, our experienced and dedicated professionals will guide you through these decisions to bring you the kitchen of your dreams.

Our reputation in San Diego for kitchen remodeling is based on an individual approach to creating a kitchen that works for you. We are committed to delivering your kitchen on time and will never pressure you into adding unwanted or unneeded features. Remodeling a kitchen on your own may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be – let our experienced staff guide you through the process. Our experts can walk you through the remodeling, step-by-step, keeping stress at a minimum to help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Our team will work with you from consultation to completion, keeping the work within your budget while meeting all your expectations.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services:

san diego new kitchen remodeling

New Kitchen

The Forever Builder team assists you through every step of your home project and provides the most affordable kitchen remodeling services in San Diego to ensure your vision becomes reality.

san diego countertop installation

Counter Top Installation

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, installing, replacing, or repairing countertops can be a prolonged process. With our experienced contractors, we guarantee your countertops will be installed efficiently and attentively.

san diego cabinet replacement and installation

Kitchen Cabinet Installation & Cabinet Replacement

Our professional contractors assure that your cabinets are aligned and secured to guarantee long-lasting durability.

san diego water softener installation

Water Softener Installation

Your home deserves pure, refreshing water. Our team provides water softener installation to reduce any issues that arise from hard water in your home.

hardwood refinishing san diego

Hardwood Refinishing

Our contractors help you choose the finish and stain of your hardwood floors to fit your kitchen style and design.

san diego cabinet refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Services & Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

No need to do away with your old cabinets that have lost their luster. Our kitchen cabinet refacing services will replace your backsplash and provide new cabinet veneer surfaces, stained and shined to perfection.

san diego kitchen flooring

Kitchen Flooring

Our flooring services offer a full selection of hardwood options, customization of gloss levels and color ranges. Our contractors will finish your flooring project on time and leave you satisfied with your investment.

san diego kitchen design

Kitchen 3D Design Software

Become your own interior designer by using Forever Builder’s kitchen 3D design to remodel and customize your perfect kitchen. You can digitally plan and design your very own kitchen before our team remodels your home.

Learn more about our Kitchen Remodeling process

  • Consultation

    To begin, you will sit down with our team of experts to discuss your needs and desires for your new kitchen. Think about what you like, and what you don’t like, about your current kitchen. We can help you brainstorm new ideas and guide you through the thought process of creating a kitchen that will work for you and your family. Important factors to consider include: how many people will use the kitchen? How often do you cook? Will you eat in the kitchen or not? Will the kitchen be used for entertaining or simply as a workspace? Our staff will use this information to create an affordable kitchen that meets your needs.

  • Budgeting

    Don’t let the cost keep you from the kitchen of your dreams! We can work with you to find kitchen solutions that are in your budget. Our experienced staff can find creative, cost-effective solutions to allow you an affordable kitchen remodel in San Diego. Based on the initial consultation, we will generate a preliminary budget, with some flexibility built in for any changes that may arise during renovations.

  • Design

    Kitchen design includes the overall style and layout of your new kitchen. The layout including floor space, cabinet and appliance location, and counter height and location. Your style depends upon the style of cabinets, appliances, light fixtures, and details such as a backsplash and trim. There are so many decisions to be made, but our team will be there with you to make sure nothing is forgotten. We will help you to decide whether your existing kitchen footprint will work or if it would be better to expand the kitchen or change its shape by knocking down or moving walls. Let us use our years of experience in San Diego kitchen design to help you choose what would work best in terms of aesthetics and function.

  • Preparation

    In with the new, out with the old – your new kitchen cannot begin until the old one is gone. Before demolition begins, you will need to remove everything from your kitchen, from pictures on the wall to forgotten appliances lurking in the corner of a cabinet. This is a great opportunity to purge those items you never use! Make a plan for how you will get by during construction, whether it is grilling in the backyard or eating out of a crockpot. You may wash dishes in the bathroom sink or choose to eat off of paper plates for the duration. Whatever you decide, preparation and patience are key to a smooth renovation project.

  • Production

    The actual process of creating your new kitchen is sure to be noisy and messy, but well worth it in the end. We will work with you during the entire process, keeping you apprised of our crew’s daily schedule and letting you know if a certain day will be excessively loud or dusty, whether you can stay at home during the work or if you would be better off leaving for a few hours. Inconveniences will arise, but know that we will make the transition as seamless as possible.

  • Completion

    Our work is over only when you are satisfied with the final product -a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful. We stand by our work to the smallest detail, so if you notice anything awry a few weeks after completion, don’t hesitate to give us a call. At Forever Builders, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and our hundreds of happy customers can attest to that!

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