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Why You Should Consider Dark Cabinets

The color of your kitchen cabinets is one of the most critical décor aspects to consider if you refinish or update your kitchen cabinets. Cabinets cover substantial amounts of area in your kitchen and hold a deal of influence over how your kitchen’s aesthetic and energy affect the rest of your home. You should always consider the material and style of your cabinets, but the color is often what attracts the most attention when you enter your kitchen

As modern decor trends become more and more popular, dark kitchen cabinets have been on the rise. While many are quick to overlook dark cabinets to avoid a dim ambiance, dark colors have many available finishes that pair great with any theme you can think of. Dark colors can turn any kitchen space into an elegant, sophisticated veneer. It must be noted that before renovating your kitchen, dark themes require more expertise and care to pull off. If you are not confident in choosing what color or finishes will work best for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to reach out to a preferred interior design or decorating expert. When you find the perfect dark shade for your kitchen, no one can help but be encapsulated by your new kitchen

If you are looking to be inspired, we have put together many possible selections of dark cabinets that may be perfect for you! But first, we will include some information and tips that will help guide you when choosing a dark color that will give you the best look for your kitchen cabinets.

What Dark Shade is Right for Your Kitchen?

If you are reading this far, you are probably considering a dark cabinet shade for your kitchen. Choosing the right color can be the most intricate process when renovating your kitchen. Most cabinet suppliers will feature hundreds of dark shades ranging from graphite gray to jet-black. I know this may be overwhelming, but you will find the perfect dark shade in no time with careful consideration!

The first step of your choice is to decide what your preferred dark varieties a vendor offers. Keep in mind that dark colors for your kitchen do not have to be black or gray. If you want to bring some extra zest to your kitchen, you can choose from dark red, brown, blue – the possibilities are endless.

An important detail in determining the color of your cabinets is considering what shade will complement the other attributes of your kitchen and the overall look you are hoping to achieve. If you are hoping to create a luxurious, modern theme, black and gray shades should be your priority. If your kitchen has brown flooring, dark brown or red should be in consideration. If you are looking to create a distinct look for your kitchen, take an imaginative approach with a dark shade of green. Don’t forget that you can consider mixing bright, exciting colors with the tranquility of dark colors.

Don’t be afraid to invest a lot of your time in deliberating over what color will emulate your vision. Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and you want to create something you are proud to call yours.

Creating the Perfect Dark Shade

Many approach dark shades with apprehension because they absorb light and give off an intense, dramatic look. Therefore, mixing and matching colors is common to create a more neutral color for kitchen cabinets. Blending bold color accents or muted tones of beige, taupe, and cream with neutral brown colors will yield an inviting, homey dark shade. However, before deciding on a shadow, you must consider your kitchen space’. You may have to increase the lighting supply of the room by using lamps, installing windows for natural light, or considering lighter shades of your chosen color.

Try matching your dark shade with other dark elements in your kitchen. Dark cabinets look great with light walls, especially if you incorporate dark flooring to enhance your kitchen’s colors. This will also allow the cabinets to be a prominent feature in your space while complementing other kitchen elements.

We want to reiterate that it is not uncommon to feel hesitant or uneasy about deciding on dark cabinets for your kitchen. But don’t let it stop you! If you are not comfortable determining the perfect shade for your kitchen, reach out to an expert – some professional guidance will make this process much more manageable. Here are some dark cabinets that may inspire you in your kitchen renovating process.

1. European Style Cabinets

European kitchen cabinets often display a simple, unadorned style, featuring flat surfaces, little or no hardware, and flush doors. Traditional kitchen design incorporates natural materials for cabinets, countertops, floors, and furniture.

2. Custom Cabinets

Custom-designed cabinets are built to order. Our design & build team starts by precisely measuring your kitchen, collaboratively works with you on the layout & design, then finally constructs the cabinets to your specific tastes with the features you desire

3. Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are characterized by their durable all-wood construction, visual simplicity, and affordability. Shaker-style kitchen cabinets use rail frame and panel construction with recessed panel doors. If you’re looking for a simple yet high-quality cabinet on a budget, shaker cabinets are the option for you!

4. Custom Maple Cabinets

Maple wood is recognized for its durability, delicate texture, and smooth uniform grain, allowing it to quickly take various stains and finishes. Naturally, this makes it an excellent choice for any style and budget kitchen cabinets.

5. Floating Shelves

Fusing style with practicality, floating shelves serve as a resting place for dining essentials like cups, plates, and ornamental items such as vases, plants, and artwork. These shelves are perfect if you’re looking for a way to open up your kitchen without sacrificing storage and functionality.

6. Grey & White Cabinets

Mixing and matching your cabinetry in deep charcoal gray and white creates a multi-layered style that can make your small kitchen look more prominent. The secret is to use contrasting neutrals. White and beige, beige and white, or white and gray are great combinations for a neutral kitchen.

7. Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets are a better option for smaller kitchens in which every inch matters. They offer a modern look, more drawer and cabinet space, and no center stiles that get in your way. Plus, you get to seem wildly exotic when you tell your friends you went with the European style.

8. The Unique Blue

After white, blue is probably one of the most popular kitchen colors. It’s classic, calming, and adds color to your home. Whether it’s the backsplash or the cabinets, we’ve got plenty of ideas for how to add some blue into your kitchen.

9. Espresso Style Cabinets

Espresso is one of the most popular stained kitchen cabinets. Espresso is a rich, warm-toned stain that beautifully complements today’s neutral color palette. Espresso cabinets can look sleek and modern when paired with a clean, simple door style like our Shaker or Colonial door.

10. Open Concept Kitchen

Open-concept kitchens look super-sleek and offer an efficient way to live. The space is used for various tasks, from cooking and dining to relaxing, working, and entertaining; it creates an all-inclusive environment perfect for today’s modern family.

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