When Does Your Flooring Need to Be Replaced?

The floors in your home are among its most-used surfaces, and they tend to accumulate wear and tear faster than other elements. You may also have multiple types of flooring in your home, such as carpet in the bedrooms and tile in the kitchen. Knowing when to replace the flooring ensures your home’s walkways stay safe while maintaining a beautiful appearance people notice when they walk through the door.

Look for Stains & Discoloration

You might be able to hide a small stain by putting a piece of furniture over it, but there comes a point where the staining is too much to disguise. Carpet is especially vulnerable to stains, but you can also notice discolorations in other flooring types. For example, older types of linoleum tend to fade when they’re exposed to too much sunlight shining through the windows. Removing stained floors makes your home feel fresher, and you’ll love seeing the results when the new floor is all clean.

Address Peeling Laminate & Vinyl

Many people love the new types of laminate and vinyl for their durability, and they’re popular choices for bathroom and kitchen flooring. San Diego homeowners should know, however, that these flooring types come with the potential of having the adhesive degrade with age. When this happens, you might see the edges and corners start to peel up. Heavy use or damage from furniture might also create gashes in the flooring that mar its appearance. Once laminate or vinyl flooring starts to peel, it becomes possible for dirt to get underneath it. Large pieces curling up could also cause someone to trip and fall.

Upgrade to a Safer Type of Flooring

Many homes are outfitted with flooring types that look beautiful but could pose a risk to people who are vulnerable to slip-and-fall accidents. For example, slick tile in the bathroom might not be suitable for an older adult who struggles with maintaining balance. Switching to textured planks or tiles could help older adults maintain a better grip with their feet on the floor and enhance the overall ambience in the room.

Replace Wood with More Durable Materials

Natural wood floors come with the benefit of being able to sand and refinish them. However, there comes a point where you may get tired of having to deal with the upkeep. Or you may decide the wood has too much damage to repair. If you love the look of wood, you don’t have to give it up. With modern engineered wood, you can enjoy that natural look while knowing it’s more durable than what was originally used for the floors in your home.

Avoid Letting the Style Become Outdated

Damage is the most common reason to replace flooring, but you may also just decide it’s time for the old materials to go. Whether you’ve just moved into a home that hasn’t been updated in a while or you’ve taken good care of your home’s floors for years, it might be necessary to replace them simply to keep up with the current styles. Changing the color of the carpet or picking a new tile pattern can make a major difference in the aesthetics of any room. 

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