Timing Your Paint Job after Power Washing: Factors to Consider

Removing dirt and grime from a home as well as removing paint that’s currently loose and flaking are among the benefits of power washing. Once you’re done, you can add fresh paint and give your home’s exterior the look and feel it deserves. However, before applying the paint, you must wait long enough to provide a long-lasting, high-quality look. Keep reading as the pros from Forever Builders, the whole home remodel contractors Orange County homeowners trust for everything from roofing to bathroom remodeling and interior and exterior painting, explain how long you should wait after power washing to paint your home.

Siding Types

The type of siding you have will generally determine when you can begin the painting process. Some types of siding dry faster than others. Therefore, this is a significant factor to consider before painting. If you have wood siding, it should take the exterior at least 24 hours to dry after power washing. If the bare wood isn’t dry when touched, you must wait. The objective is to prevent moisture from being trapped under the paint.

Vinyl is a porous type of siding that often absorbs more water. As a result, it takes longer to dry. After 48 hours, the vinyl siding should be dry, allowing you to apply the paint. A professional painter or contractor can give you more insight, preventing you from taking on the job too soon.


Dry weather is important when painting after power washing your home. In most scenarios, waiting until three to four days of dry weather have passed would be best before you begin painting. You should also avoid painting in high humidity. The paint could take longer to dry if the air is too humid. High moisture also leads to an uneven finish due to the increased risk of the paint running, bubbling, or sagging. The objective is to keep your paint job looking great and reduce the odds of needing additional touch-ups.

Types of Paint

A surface that’s power washed on a day when it isn’t raining generally dries within 24 hours. However, the types of paint will play a vital role, sometimes causing you to need more time than usual. For example, the surface must be completely dry if you use oil-based paint. Therefore, waiting up to three days before applying this paint may be best. In comparison, latex-based paints can usually be used after 24 hours.

Benefits of Waiting

Your home’s location will also affect the time it takes to dry. Houses in areas exposed directly to sunlight will dry faster, as the sun can increase air circulation and speed up evaporation. Waiting until the exterior has dried completely can reduce the risk of mold growing in the future. Mold tends to thrive in damper and darker places, and moisture is easily trapped under paint film, giving mold a comfortable place to grow.

Waiting to paint your home following power washing can also lower the odds of poor bonding and decrease the risk of bubbling. Speak with professional contractors to ensure you not only wait long enough but also use the right paint and apply it correctly.

Repainting your home is a major project, so consider hiring experienced professional exterior house painters to ensure you’ll get high-quality results that last for years. If you’re ready to refresh the exterior of your home, make sure to hire experts with years of experience. Whether you need a fresh coat of paint or a kitchen remodel San Diego, you can rely on the team from Forever Builders for outstanding workmanship and exceptional service that fits your budget. To learn more about our exterior painting services, call one of our friendly team members today.

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