How Challenging Would It Be to Have My Kitchen Sink Relocated?

How difficult it is to relocate a kitchen sink depends on where you’re planning to put it and what you have in place as far as plumbing for your kitchen goes. For instance, it tends to be more difficult to move a sink if the plumbing is located below a concrete slab. Here’s what you need to know if you have plans to relocate the kitchen sink in your home.

The Challenges of Slabs & Sink Relocation

We mentioned concrete slabs above because this is the most challenging type of kitchen sink relocation. You’ll need to actually cut into the slab itself with a jackhammer to access the pipes for your sink. This kind of work requires careful planning and assistance, and it should only be done by professional kitchen remodeling contractors. Additionally, the drain needs to be lowered. In this case, the reason is because the pitch of the sink needs to be lower than your fixtures.

Island Sink Considerations

There are many reasons homeowners choose to relocate their kitchen sinks. One possibility is to have an island with a sink installed so counter space can be freed up. In this instance, you’ll have to worry about what to do with the vent needed for your sink if you relocate the one that used to be in your counter to a newly installed island. With a traditionally located sink placed inside a counter, the vent needs a minimum of five inches before it can go horizontal. However, this isn’t possible with an island sink. Instead, there are two basic options available for an island sink.

An Island Vent

This is a type of vent that’s specially made for an island sink. It goes up and loops up high, which allows it to be tucked away neatly under a cabinet. It then drops down into your floor. It’s also connected to a vertical vent.

An Air Admittance Valve (AAV)

This is a specialized valve installed high in a cabinet. It’s a more practical and convenient way to achieve the same goal mentioned above. The potential drawback is it doesn’t always result in sufficient drainage if you have a larger sink. There could also be issues with a dishwasher if you opt for one in your island.

Changing Sides in Your Kitchen

The degree of difficulty in this instance depends on what’s going on plumbing-wise with the rest of your kitchen. If there aren’t any plumbing connections on the other side of your kitchen, there will be a need to install the necessary plumbing essentials. This could be some pretty involved and costly work if there’s a lot that needs to be added to get the job done.

Talking to an Expert Local Contractor First

Before you finalize your plans to relocate the kitchen sink in your home, talk to a local contractor. This is a good way to get a better feel for what will likely work in your kitchen as far as logistics go with what you have in mind. Plus, it’s a good way to toss some ideas around if you have other plans for your kitchen.

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