Choosing Joy: The Best Colors to Brighten Your Kitchen

Boosting your mood in the kitchen is more manageable with fun and uplifting colors and designs. By focusing on color during your kitchen remodel, you can reflect your personality in the room’s walls, flooring, cabinetry, and more. Below are some of the “happiest” colors to choose when you want your kitchen to inspire cheerful emotions.


Although it may seem plain, splashing white throughout the area or among the furniture can give a kitchen the energy it needs. Light has the ability to bounce around the walls more quickly when you use a bright color like white. The way white reflects heat is another benefit because you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or sweating profusely when cooking. Instead, the color will reflect most of the heat away from the room, giving you, your family, and your guests more time to focus on your thoughts and conversations.

When you walk into the room, white walls can wake you immediately. If you’re looking to mix in more happy colors, add a splash of brightness to your countertops or with the décor of your choice.

Pale Yellow

A softer yellow can add the uplifting appeal your kitchen needs. If you select pale shades of yellow, your family and guests will often receive a cheerful energy boost that can stave off negative and overwhelming emotions. The smaller the room, the better it would be to choose soft shades of yellow because they exude a soothing quality and a happy nature.

Avoid bright shades of yellow, as they can make a room too loud and increase feelings of anxiety or fatigue. Also, using yellow accents on the walls is a great way to go when painting with white and gray shades, or consider adding yellow accessories and furniture.


Green can be one of the “happiest” colors to bring into a kitchen when you want a fun stress reliever. Some of the most common shades are mint and apple green. These can go great with white-accented kitchens or areas with wooden features, such as cabinets, flooring, or countertops.

Blue is one of the primary shades used to create green, and it can have a calming effect. Another reason green brings happiness to the room is because it’s so closely associated with nature. Once your eyes lock on to the color, it can clear your mind and boost your mood.


When you choose pink for your kitchen, you can relieve tension and add warmth, fun, and sophistication to the space. Therefore, many homeowners go with pink in their kitchens, whether they paint the walls with a softer blush shade, splash bright bubblegum pink on the counters, or use rose-colored throw rugs to accent floors or walls that are gray, which can be another color that brings happiness into the room.

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