Why Home Renovations Often Stretch Beyond Initial Timelines

The excitement of finally getting to enjoy the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams can sometimes make time feel like it’s ticking by too slowly. But there are times when home renovations do take longer than expected. On average, you can expect a minor home renovation such as painting to be done within a few days or a week, while large-scale projects can span several months. Taking a look at what makes home renovations take so long helps you take preventative action where you can to keep your project running smoothly.

Failing to Have a Clear Plan

When inspiration strikes, it’s too easy to get so caught up in picking paint colors or tile that you overlook knowing exactly what a contractor’s timeline involves. Once you begin working with a home renovation contractor, take the time to ask questions about the general process for completing your project. By working with experienced whole home remodel contractors, San Diego homeowners can be assured their contractors have clear plans in place before beginning their projects.

Dealing with Material Delays

Many delays are beyond a contractor’s control. The new cabinets you want may be on backorder. Or a shipping truck might not arrive on time. When this happens, your contractor should communicate with you about what’s happening. In some cases, you might be able to choose a different product. Contractors who have established relationships with major suppliers are less likely to run into this problem, but knowing what happened makes it easier to wait if there’s a delay.

Fixing DIY Mistakes

There’s never any shame in asking a contractor to take over a project when you realize you’re in over your head. After all, having a professional do the work can be essential for safety if you’re dealing with plumbing or wiring. But home renovations sometimes take longer when a contractor has to correct mistakes such as a hastily torn-out wall or tile that wasn’t installed using the proper technique. Giving your contractor time to fully prep an area before beginning the renovation gives you the best results.

Waiting on Permit Approvals

Homeowners are sometimes surprised by how much their cities care about how projects are done in their homes. Depending on your home remodeling project, you may need special permits to prove the work is up to code. In most cases, your contractor will handle this aspect of your project for you. But the contractor may be stuck waiting on a city inspector or other official to issue the permit, which can sometimes slow down a project by a day or two.

Changing the Scope of the Project

Occasionally, homeowners choose to add new elements to their renovation projects. You might discover you have more money in your budget than you thought and decide to spring for new flooring during a bathroom renovation. Or you could decide you want to wire in new lights in your kitchen. In most cases, your contractor will do his or her best to accommodate your new preferences, but it could mean adding extra time to complete your project. 

When you’re ready to renovate your home, make sure to hire the best contractors in the business. The experts from Forever Builders are home remodeling professionals San Diego homeowners can trust to provide the most affordable home renovation services and ensure their visions become reality. We’ll help you create the home you’ve always wanted, meeting all your expectations while keeping your costs within budget. To find out more about our outstanding remodeling services, give one of our friendly team members a call today.

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