What Are the Most Expensive Aspects of Remodeling a Bathroom?

When it comes to residential properties, the most resale value in a home typically comes from the bathroom because it’s a necessity. Therefore, it would be good to include this room when remodeling a property. However, it may be necessary to evaluate the renovating process to ensure your budget can cover the project. Knowing what the most expensive aspects of a bathroom remodel are gives you more insight into what to take on now, what to do in the future, and what you can spend less on in terms of labor or parts. The professionals from Forever Builders, the experts in bathroom remodeling San Diego homeowners have trusted for more than 20 years, explain which parts of your bathroom remodel will cost the most.


Whether you’re installing new tile or going with another material, this is one of the most costly remodeling expenses for a bathroom. The room’s square footage and the materials used will determine how much work is necessary. For example, there are various tile options, and some are cheaper than others. In these instances, the less expensive alternatives don’t compromise the bathroom’s value or the quality of the flooring.


The actual vanity you choose may not be too expensive when you find it in the store. However, the labor associated with changing a vanity is higher because the counters and cabinets generally need to be removed to complete the project. Another factor to consider is that these components may not fit the new vanity, meaning you’ll need to purchase different counters and cabinets, increasing the costs. A vanity can be considered luxury and custom work, but it can also increase the home’s value by making the property more appealing.


Some homeowners want to move around objects and aspects of the bathroom, which requires tearing down walls and installing new fixtures. While this feature could give the room more space or allow you to move objects around, it’s one of the most expensive costs associated with a bathroom renovation. Although altering the walls could be cheaper than moving them, the costs are still higher than other remodeling aspects. Before you decide to skip this step and keep the walls in place, remember that adding more space to the bathroom could be beneficial regardless of whether you’re staying in the property or putting it on the market in the near future. Therefore, the advantages will outweigh the costs.


When your remodel involves more work than installing tile and new cabinets, you might need to have professional plumbing done as well. For instance, when you replace the bathtub and sink, the plumbing will need to be changed to fit the new fixtures. The current plumbing devices will typically not work any longer, and failing to make the changes could lead to severe and costly property damage in the future. The type of project you’re taking on will determine the type of plumbing work required. Therefore, it would be best to speak with the remodeling company before making the changes to avoid going over budget and incurring unexpected costs. 

If you’re looking for experienced professionals who will provide the most affordable bathroom remodeling services and help you turn your dreams into reality, don’t just Google “bathroom contractors near me”—reach out to the pros from Forever Builders. We’ll help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted, meeting all your expectations while keeping your costs within budget. To find out more about our outstanding bathroom remodeling services, give one of our friendly team members a call today at (833) 243-5624.

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