Kitchen Cabinet Makeover: Should You Reface or Replace?

A remodeled kitchen can be a beautiful sight when it’s complete, but the process involves making good decisions and selections, especially when it comes to the cabinets. It would help if you learned more about what’s involved in a kitchen remodel and what options best suit your kitchen and budget. Below are some things to consider when you’re deciding whether to reface or replace your cabinets. 

Refacing the Cabinets

When you replace the drawers, hardware, and doors of cabinets but leave their boxes in place, this is known as refacing. Most individuals prefer this option because they don’t want to complete a full kitchen renovation, which often leads to less money and time needed for the project and fewer disruptions to daily life inside the household.

Refacing can still give your kitchen a fresh look and appeal once the appearance is updated. The objective is to reface based on your customization preferences, such as current trends that stand out to you or classic styles you love.

Replacing the Cabinets

In many situations, removing the cabinets altogether is necessary due to accidents or merely the age of the items and the fact that they’re completely worn out. When you go with this option, the layout, materials, and designs associated with the cabinets will generally need to be updated. Doing so gives the room a better overall look and provides more space. Other advantages of replacing the cabinets include adding increased value to your home and enjoying design flexibility.

The Box Interiors

If you decide to go with refacing or replacing, consider the disadvantages just as much as the advantages. For example, refacing may be less expensive and save time and resources, but you cannot update box interiors. Removing the existing cabinets can provide other benefits later on, such as uncracked countertops and longer-based islands.

If an issue involving your cabinets exists, failing to replace them now could lead to design problems in the future. However, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, refacing is the best plan because there’s no box interior removal.

Cost of the Project

Each home is different. Therefore, each project will also be different. However, there are some common comparisons to consider. Cost is often the most vital concern for homeowners, and refacing is the cheaper option. Sometimes, it may be two or three times more affordable than replacing the cabinets. It will depend on the size of the kitchen and the customization you need to be completed. Replacing the cabinets requires more labor hours because the project takes longer and the layout is changed.

Increased Property Value

Increasing value should be at the top of your decision list. Many assume only replacements can do this, but refacing cabinets can still add value to the home when stylish designs and high-quality materials are used. Refacing is generally the best choice if the cabinet boxes are in good shape. In contrast, damage and traditional wear and tear often make replacing the cabinets your best option.

Speaking with a contractor for professional tips and suggestions is always best. These individuals can ensure you make the best choice and give your home the appeal you seek, whether you reface or replace the cabinets.

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