Should Flooring Extend Under Your Dishwasher?

A carefully planned and completed kitchen remodel offers many rewards you’re sure to appreciate for a long time. It’s also a project that involves a series of decisions you’ll need to make as the work progresses. One of these is whether or not to put flooring under a dishwasher. There’s no hard-and-fast rule about this, but we do have some advice and considerations for you below so you can decide what works for you.

Maintaining Even Floor Height

This is one of the more practical reasons to put flooring under your dishwasher. Putting flooring below your dishwasher is also beneficial if your new floor will be on top of a new subfloor that adds some height to the floor. Aesthetically, having your new flooring installed below your dishwasher gives you a cleaner and smoother look once everything is done.

Making Dishwasher Repair or Replacement Easier

Another practical reason to have flooring under a dishwasher is to facilitate repair work that may involve pulling out your dishwasher. Plus, it will be easier to replace the dishwasher in the future if the flooring is already under it, especially if you go with a different type of dishwasher. Full kitchen flooring also gives you the potential to move your dishwasher to a different location if you make layout changes or other improvements at some point in the future.

Whether or Not You’ll Be Replacing Your Dishwasher

Another factor to consider is whether or not you’ll be keeping your existing dishwasher or replacing it. Obviously, if your existing dishwasher is going to go anyway, it’s a lot easier to take it out and have your new flooring put in place. You can then have your new dishwasher installed and set up without too much extra effort.

It’s also possible to put flooring under a dishwasher you prefer to keep. The process of putting flooring under an existing dishwasher typically involves:

• Turning off the main power to the dishwasher
• Removing the cover plate at the bottom
• Adjusting the front legs upward as far as possible
• Using wooden blocks to keep the dishwasher stable
• Tightening up the front legs so the dishwasher remains elevated
• Having your flooring installed
• Reversing the process with your dishwasher to get it properly adjusted again

What’s Already Under Your Base Kitchen Cabinets

One other consideration is what you already have under the base cabinets in your kitchen. If your kitchen remodel is going to include entirely new upper and lower cabinets, you’re welcome to go ahead and have flooring fully installed from wall to wall. If you’ll be keeping your cabinets in place and they currently don’t have anything other than the subfloor below them, you may prefer not to put flooring under your dishwasher. It also makes sense to avoid putting flooring under a dishwasher if doing so will cause some issues with fitting it under your base cabinets.

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