How Can I Renovate My Bathroom without Having to Remove the Tile?

If your bathroom is outdated and you’re ready for a fresh new look, it’s time to consider renovating, but you might be hesitating because you don’t want to deal with the mess, hassle, and expense of having to remove the tile. Not to worry—there are plenty of ways to transform the look of your bathroom while leaving your existing tile in place. The professionals from Forever Builders, the experts in kitchen and bath remodeling San Diego homeowners have trusted for more than 20 years, offer some tips that can help you refresh and modernize your bathroom without replacing your tile.

Paint Over the Tile

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update the tile in your bathroom without replacing it is to paint it. The process does involve some careful planning, but you’ll spend a lot less time and money than you would if you replaced the tiles entirely. 

Start with a visit to your local paint store. The experts there will be able to give you guidance about which paint is right for your particular type of tile. Different materials may require different types of paint, although for most common tile materials, such as porcelain and ceramic, you can usually use epoxy paint. Depending on the type of paint you select, you might need to protect it from moisture by also adding a coat of waterproof sealant.

If you’re going to tackle the painting project yourself, start by protecting the rest of the room from paint splatters with a tarp or other type of plastic covering. Make sure to cover every surface, including the sink, tub, toilet, mirrors, and walls that don’t have tile. Cleaning, sanding, and priming the tile is going to be necessary before you add paint, so you’re probably not going to be able to use your bathroom for at least a few days.

Use Stencils

If you want to create a truly unique look on your freshly painted tiles, consider using stencils. You can find premade stencils in an almost endless variety of patterns, or you can get really creative and make your own with masking tape.

After you’ve prepped the tiles and applied the primer, simply put your stencils where you want them. Paint over the top of the stencils using a foam brush or a sponge, and use the smallest possible amount of paint so it doesn’t run under the stencils and spoil the design.

After you’ve stenciled over the tiles, gently lift off the stencils and let the paint dry completely. To protect your designs, complete the job with a layer of waterproof sealer across the entire tiled area. 

Cover Wall Tile with Panels

Another great way to avoid having to remove wall tile in your bathroom is to cover it with panels, which are available in a variety of materials, including acrylic, MDF, and PVC. These waterproof panels are easy to install, and you can get them in a wide range of colors, designs, and textures. They fit right on top of virtually any surface, including existing tiles.

You may be able to install these panels yourself, especially if you’re using them to cover an area that’s easy to measure, such as an open wall. However, if you need to remove countertops, plumbing, or other fixtures to put them in place, you should probably call in a professional. 

Cover Floor Tile with Laminate or Vinyl

You can’t install hardwood over floor tiles, but if you’d like to have the look of wood, you can use laminate flooring to cover your existing floor tiles. Although any mold should be removed from the tiles before you cover them, you won’t have to do any special cleaning beforehand. The only preparation you’ll need to do is place a foam underlayment to block moisture and provide cushion for the floor. 

You can also choose to cover your tiles with vinyl flooring. If you select this option, you’ll need to install a plywood or hardboard underlayment, which will need to be glued to the tiles for stability. For this reason, you should only opt for this solution if you’re certain you won’t ever want to go back to your original tiles.

Redecorating, refinishing, or completely renovating an outdated bathroom can have a major impact on the character of your entire home. With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can refresh that old bathroom to match the beauty of the rest of your home. The experienced professionals from Forever Builders will guide you through every step of your bathroom remodel. When they’re looking for exceptional craftsmanship and expertise in modern bathroom designs, San Diego homeowners trust us to provide superior bathroom remodeling services and help them turn their dreams into reality. We’ll help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted, meeting all your expectations while keeping your costs within budget. To find out more about our outstanding bathroom remodeling services, give one of our friendly team members a call today at (833) 243-5624.

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