Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Whole Home Remodel

Remodeling has the potential for a big payoff when everything is done. In fact, a whole house remodel done right can turn a home you’ve always liked into one you absolutely love. At the same time, remodeling on a bigger scale can be stressful as ideas are turned into something realistically achievable and affordable. Increase your odds of reaping the many rewards of remodeling your entire home without stress by keeping the suggestions offered below in mind.

Fine-Tune Your Vision

A whole house remodel means you can have a home more aligned with your preferences and needs. This is great, but there’s a difference between toying with a bunch of ideas and knowing for sure what you actually want. Minimize stress from the very beginning by narrowing down your vision into something that’s clearer by:

• Checking out what trends and styles are currently popular
• Making a list of “must-haves” for your remodel
• Focusing on one room/space at a time as you plan and settle on options
• Looking at how everything will fit together

Consider Future Needs

If you see yourself living in the home you’ll be remodeling for a long time, think about needs you may have later on. For instance, if you’re not too far from retirement age, allow room for the addition of features that could make your home safer, such as better lighting and a layout that allows for easy maneuvering in commonly used rooms.

Establish Your Remodel Budget

If you’re considering a full house remodel, cost is going to be one of your primary concerns. Remodeling an entire house is going to be a major investment, which is to be expected. However, it doesn’t have to be a source of financial stress if you establish your budget early on. One way to do this with more certainty is to involve a trusted home remodeling contractor in the process once you’ve determined what you have in mind. Doing so allows you to get a more accurate estimate so a realistic budget can be established before the work begins.

Develop a Funding Plan

Further ease the financial stress that often goes along with bigger projects by developing a funding plan. Credit is one way to fund a remodel, but it’s best to save this as a last resort. Whenever possible, using cash and liquid assets or personal savings is typically the least stressful way to fund a whole house remodel. Obtaining a home improvement loan and refinancing your mortgage are some other funding possibilities.

Be Aware of Local Guidelines or Requirements

Major changes to your home may result in the need for some structural adjustment. If this will apply to your remodel, check to see what local guidelines or requirements may need to be kept in mind with work of this nature. On a related note, find out what’s required with regard to your home’s utilities if there will be a need for temporary disconnections. This also applies to any adjustments to the arrangement of pipes.

Determine Where You’ll Be Staying during the Remodel

One other potential source of stress with a whole house remodel is figuring out where you and your family will stay as the work is done. If the renovations will be done in stages, it may be possible to remain in your home. Otherwise, it could be easier and less stressful for everyone involved, including the contractors, if you stay somewhere else.

You can avoid a huge amount of stress by hiring experienced professionals. The experts from Forever Builders are whole home remodel contractors San Diego homeowners can trust to provide the most affordable home remodeling services and ensure their visions become reality. From design to completion, we’ll help you create the home you’ve always wanted, meeting all your expectations while keeping your costs within budget. To find out more about our outstanding remodeling services, give one of our friendly team members a call today at (833) 243-5624.

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