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When you need your house or place of business repainted, you want to make sure you hire the best people for the job. It is not a decision you make quickly or take lightly. A step-by-step process exists from your first meeting with the interior or exterior house painters until the paint dries. Consider the following six steps and accompanying tips as you prepare to partner with the right contractor.

Our Painting Services:

san diego painting exterior and interior

Full House Interior & Exterior Painting

The color and finish options for your home are limitless with Forever Builders. Our contractors are trained to properly power wash your home prior to painting and use caulk to fill all holes or dents. Our team is able to guarantee a great paint job on any surface such as brick, stucco, vinyl siding, doors, and any other surface you can think of!

san diego interior exterior wall texture

Interior & Exterior Wall Texturing

Our contractors will help you decide on the finish and texture of your home’s interior and exterior walls. Our team is trained in manually and mechanically applying drywall textures. Create any design you can imagine for your drywall and we will assist you in bringing it to life.

san diego drywall installation

Drywall Repair

Forever Builders provide clients with affordable and reliable drywall and Sheetrock quality repairs. Whatever it may be, holes, cracks, or dents in your walls, we are here to help!

san diego stucco repair

Stucco Repair

Stucco is a great siding choice for homeowners – it lowers utility bills and keeps the home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. However, Stucco is a material that is prone to several common problems that may cost your home thousands of dollars in damage. To avoid water damage, staining, and cracks in your home, our team will help maintain and repair your stucco layers.

san diego baseboard trimming

Baseboard Installation

Our carpentry and wood experts provide the service and assistance that you need in deciding on new trims for your home. Baseboards are visual anchors for any room and we offer a broad spectrum of wood and finishes to enhance the look of your home.

Learn more about our process

  • Research / Consultation

    A consultation with a few painting contractors, not just one, is important. You can find quality painters through friend and family recommendation and online review sites. For example, Angie’s List and Yelp painters come with a slew of reviews that can offer details about customers’ experiences with the selected painters. Also, the Better Business Bureau can let you know about any unresolved complaints from contractors’ past clients. If certain aspects of the painters’ work experience are not addressed, reach out to their prior customers.

    Once you have made your selections, the contractors should come to your residence or business to examine the areas that require painting. This way, they can give you a proper estimate. Make sure you are present for these walk-throughs. Ask the painters about their current licenses and insurance policies. The last thing you want is to be liable if a member of the painting crew gets hurt on your property.

  • Budgets / Estimates

    When performing research about the contractors, you will come across costs. Of course, these costs are not specific to your situation, but having a ballpark figure in advance is helpful. After the consultation, the contractors offer a written estimate, which includes labor and material costs as well as a description of necessary preparation work and the amount of primer and paint coats. Armed with reference checks, customer reviews, and estimates, you can decide which painter is best suited to your project. Then, you and your painter can sign a contract, which outlines a payment plan. Never pay a large down payment. Hopefully, the contract also outlines a guarantee. For example, if the paint starts to peel over the next few years, it would be reassuring to know your painter can return to fix the situation.

  • Design / Paint Selection

    The design aspects of painting constitute the fun portion. You can use magazines and online sites for inspiration about the look you want. It is often a good idea for you to choose your own paint. It is likely the painter will offer suggestions, but the finish you want is your call.

  • Preparation

    Preparation of the area is necessary before the actual painting process begins. Remember that preparation details and costs were determined in your original estimate. Preparation can include masking and covering areas that do not need to be painted, removing past paint, priming, etc. Before your painter starts the first day of work, you both established what you would to prepare, e.g., remove valuables from the room, and what the painter needs to do, e.g., remove old paint from the walls.

  • Production

    It is finally time for the actual painting process to begin. Keep in mind that the painting process can temporarily disrupt your daily routine. Be clear with your painting contractors about the number of days needed to complete the project and the hours they plan to work each day. If there are delays with production, e.g., inclement weather during an outside painting project, the painters should quickly notify you and obtain your approval.

    You may or may not be present while the painters do their job. If you are present, allow your contractors the space to work. Watching over their shoulders only delays the process and creates an untrusting environment. If you are not present, it is especially crucial to let the neighbors know that you have hired painters to work. If you checked references and did diligent research, then you should feel free to go about your day.

  • Completion

    The painting is complete, and the paint is now drying. Your painters say they are finished. Before you pay them the final amount, consider another walk-through to make sure everything you agreed upon is what you see. If you cannot see it, ask about it. The contractors completed their job, but you also need to be satisfied. Of course, if you discussed a guarantee, then you should call them with any problems that arise down the line.

  • A Final Note

    Contract painters all over the country work to establish a solid reputation. Your home or place of business is where they display their work as a way to please you, the existing client, as well as attract new customers who visit your home or business. Beyond the actual painting work, other factors make or break a contractor’s reputation. For example, San Diego house painters Forever Builders have hundreds of happy customers who can vouch for their professional behaviors, satisfaction guarantees, timeliness, and individual approach to painting. These San Diego painting contractors exhibit traits that help prospective clients, like you, make a decision that results in quality work and peace of mind.

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