Mastering Your Bathroom Remodel: Essential Materials & Design Choices

Remodeling a bathroom can be both challenging and exciting. While a contractor can provide various design choices, perhaps the most important aspect of the remodeling job is choosing the materials. Selecting the most appropriate materials not only enhances the appearance of the room but can also ensure the outcome of the project is successful. The professionals from Forever Builders, the experts in bathroom remodeling San Diego homeowners have trusted for more than 20 years, explain what you need to know when choosing the materials for a bathroom remodel.

Floor & Wall Tile

Choosing the right tile for a bathroom remodel not only enhances the beauty of the room but can also promote safety. The floor in a bathroom often gets wet, and because of this, choosing slip-resistant tile can help you and your family avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Floor tiles should also be water-resistant, such as slip-resistant porcelain or ceramic. Mosaic and subway wall tiles are also classy and easy to clean. However, if you prefer to keep the grout lines to a minimum, consider larger tiles.

Bathroom Fixtures

The bathroom fixtures should coincide with the design style, keeping in mind their function and durability. For the sink, you can choose from timeless ceramic, trendy concrete, or versatile porcelain. For the faucets, consider brushed metal, chrome, or even matte finishes for a contemporary dramatic effect. 

When choosing a toilet, eco-friendly choices, such as those that conserve water, are always good options. However, a plumber can help you choose which type to install. Not only can water-efficient toilets preserve the environment, but they can also lower utility bills. For a “luxury hotel” vibe, consider toilets equipped with bidet attachments for a contemporary look and to enhance hygiene.

Vanities & Cabinets

In addition to addressing storage needs, your bathroom cabinets and vanity are a reflection of your style. Regardless of which materials you choose, make sure they’re resistant to moisture, which will keep them free from water damage and mold. Floating shelves are a great option if bathroom space is limited. Wall-mounted shelves are another good choice if the space is small. 

The vanity is the focal point of a bathroom, and it should complement the overall design of the space. You can choose a contemporary design or a more rustic vanity based on your taste. Beautiful and budget-friendly hardware with finishes such as brushed nickel, matte chrome, stainless steel, and bronze can also enhance the appearance of cabinets.

Lighting Materials

Not only does bathroom lighting illuminate the space, but it also plays an essential role in the ambience of the room. Overhead lighting combined with lights around the mirror can provide an inviting environment without being too harsh. Your lighting choices should complement your daily routines, such as makeup application and skincare routines. 

Energy-efficient choices, such as LED lights, can enhance the ambience in the bathroom, and they’re available in various colors. Safety lighting options, such as motion sensor night lights in the bathroom, are also important to reduce the risk of falls.

If you’re looking for experienced professionals who will provide the most affordable bathroom remodeling services and help you turn your dreams into reality, don’t just Google “bathroom contractors near me”—reach out to the pros from Forever Builders. We’ll help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted, meeting all your expectations while keeping your costs within budget. To find out more about our outstanding bathroom remodeling services, give one of our friendly team members a call today.

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