Key Features Home Buyers Want in a Master Bathroom

One of the essential rooms within a home is the primary bathroom. It’s generally the most used area due to its privacy and location, which makes its features and spacing vital. Many homeowners want more necessities in the bathroom. Below, the professionals from Forever Builders, the experts in kitchen bath and Kitchen remodeling San Diego homeowners have trusted for more than 20 years, explain some must-haves that buyers prefer to see in the main bathroom before making a purchasing decision.

Double Sinks

Couples often want their own separate sinks. Having a double sink gives everyone additional privacy and more extended and broader countertops. The space allows people to add more items to their individual sides, such as personal hygiene and beauty supplies.

The most vital reason buyers look for double sinks in a bathroom is time efficiency. The extra washbasin allows couples to get ready simultaneously, which is great if both individuals are preparing for work, a private event, or a family meetup.

Storage Areas

Whether it’s provided by shelves, closets, or additional counters, extra storage space allows homeowners to place more items in their bathrooms instead of hallway closets or other areas of the house. They can then reach objects more quickly without having to leave the room. The extra storage area can hold toiletries, towels, toilet paper, plants, artwork, and more.

Many buyers prefer artwork and candles to give the bathroom a spa-like ambience they can enjoy after coming home from a long day at work or while relaxing during their off days. Regardless of how many additional shelves, cabinets, and counters are available, buyers look for features in the master bathroom that can help them stay organized.

Separate Showers & Bathtubs

Separate oversized showers and tubs are also best for many people. This gives homeowners additional room when taking long baths or showers. Having separate bathtubs also allows buyers to add items to their tubs, such as portable storage shelves that can hold candles, drinks, small plants, prescription glasses, food plates, and more.

Separate showers and bathtubs are also better for individuals who want to add other features, such as shower benches. Having these items gives homeowners the ability to sit down during the cleaning process, which is a great benefit for those who struggle to stand for long periods but prefer to shower.

Closeable Doors

The toilet is typically separate from other features, including the shower, tub, vanities, and closets. As a result, many buyers look for closeable doors in this part of the primary bathroom. The privacy allows restroom users to sit for long periods without worrying about others walking in and disrupting their alone time. Therefore, it would be best to ask about closeable doors and touchless toilet features when purchasing or building a new home.

Whether you’re a new home buyer or a homeowner getting ready to sell, a master bath remodel can give you all the features you need. The experienced professionals from Forever Builders will guide you through every step of your master bathroom remodel. San Diego homeowners trust us to provide the most affordable bathroom remodeling services and help them turn their dreams into reality. We’ll help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted, meeting all your expectations while keeping your costs within budget. To find out more about our outstanding bathroom remodeling services, give one of our friendly team members a call today at (833) 583-0308.

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