What’s the Typical Time Frame for a Home Renovation?

A home renovation project is exciting, and you might be wondering when you’ll finally be able to enjoy the results of everyone’s hard work. The timeline for home renovations can vary from a week or two to more than a year, depending on what you are doing. While it can be challenging to deal with contractors working on your house, you’ll feel better when you have at least some idea of how long your project will take. Although your best bet is to get an estimated completion date from your contractor, you can use this information to get a good idea of whether or not your home renovations will be finished by the next big holiday or an upcoming event you can’t wait to host in your newly finished house.

Consider the Scale of the Project

Home renovation projects are often classified according to the level of work the contractors must do. For instance, painting and putting in new countertops are typically considered to be cosmetic jobs that don’t require a whole lot of teardown. As you might expect, these surface-level projects will usually only take a few days or weeks to complete. However, a major project that impacts the structure of your home, such as a new room addition, can take several months to finish. Renovating an entire house could potentially take a full year if the work is extensive.

Plan for Work in Stages to Take Longer

Full home renovations are often done in stages that make it possible to continue living a normal lifestyle. For instance, your contractor typically won’t recommend working on all of the bathrooms at the same time because you won’t have anywhere to take a shower. Instead, the contractor may recommend starting with the guest bathrooms and working their way to the master bath so one is always open.

You may also need to wait for different things to be completed before the next project can start. For instance, it’s almost impossible to put down new flooring and have walls painted at the same time, since the painters won’t be able to walk around as easily.

Remember Uncontrollable Factors Can Impact the Timeline

Home renovators like to finish projects as quickly as possible without cutting corners. However, things can happen that are beyond their control. Poor weather may cause delays in being able to get started on a roofing project or room addition. Or the building materials might arrive late due to problems with the shipping route. While you may have a timeline in mind, try to remain flexible enough to manage an unforeseen challenge.

Discuss a General Timeline with Your Contractor

As always, the people who are working on your project are the best ones to assess the situation. When you arrange for a full home renovation, the contractor should be able to let you know an estimated completion date along with the sequence of events. Knowing your master bedroom will be ready within a few days or that you’ll be cooking in your brand-new kitchen while the rest of the work is being done helps you plan for the future.

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