What’s the Typical Time Frame for a Gut Renovation?

A gut renovation provides you with the opportunity to completely transform your property. You might decide to do a whole house remodel if your home has severe damage or was built many years ago. Or you might need to do a gut renovation to update your house so it suits your changing needs. Being patient during this process will be worth it when you see the results, but it also helps to know how long you can expect the renovation to take.

Expect a Larger Home to Take Longer

The amount of time a gut renovation takes depends upon multiple factors that include the availability of the materials along with how long it takes to complete each sub-project. Naturally, you can expect a gut renovation of a house with many rooms to take longer than one for a home with only two or three bedrooms. On average, a gut renovation of a small home might take around four to six months once the work begins. A larger or more complicated gut renovation project, such as one that includes a room addition, can take as long as a year and a half or more.

Remember to Add Time for the Design Process

The design process involves more than just picking out tile colors and countertop materials. During this phase of a renovation, you can expect your contractors to work with other people on the team. For instance, a surveyor may need to come out to check the property lines, or a plumbing specialist might need to assess the current system in your house. Usually, the timeline for designing and planning the renovation can range from a few weeks to several months.

Recognize the Possibility of Unforeseen Delays

You can work with your contractor to prevent some delays. For example, you might choose to start the project during a time of year when the weather should be at its best. Depending on where the contractors are during the project, a major rainstorm or extremely cold or hot temperatures could cause them to have to wait for better weather. 

Delays can also happen for reasons the contractors have little control over. Although it might be frustrating to wait for a slow shipment of materials to arrive, you’ll find that getting what you want makes it worth the wait.

Discuss a Staging Timeline with Your Contractor

Every building is unique, which means you can’t depend on what your neighbors say about their experiences with a home renovation to determine a timeline. Instead, it’s best to work with a contractor who can walk you through an informed estimate of how long each phase of your project will take. 

If you need to live in your home during the work, it may be possible to stage the project so certain portions of the house are completed first. A reputable contractor will also be up-front about possible delays with your project so you can plan accordingly if things change along the way. Going into the process with an open mind and as much information as possible helps you navigate your way through what can be a lengthy renovation.

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