What’s the Typical Timeline for a Flooring Renovation?

A flooring makeover is an excellent way to spruce up your living room, kitchen, or any other room in your home. While you may have visions of what everything will look like once the work is finished, it’s understandable to also wonder how long it will likely take to get everything done. The answer varies based on the type of flooring you’re updating or installing and other factors. We give you a general guideline below.

Average Time: 1–3 Weeks

This is what’s typical with flooring renovation work if you include the initial preparation and final cleanup along with the actual work. Some flooring renovation work can be done within a day if we’re just talking about a more limited area, such as what’s common with kitchen flooring. It’s also possible to spread the work out, which you may prefer if your renovation will involve other tasks. What applies to your situation depends on the following factors:

• How many rooms you’re renovating
• The size of the area(s) where flooring will be updated
• The type of existing flooring and the steps involved in removal
• The kind of flooring you’re having installed


It takes about 5 to 7 days for hardwood flooring installation. The reason is because the hardwood is usually dropped off first and allowed to sit in your home for a few days. This is done to give it time to settle and acclimate to your home’s environment. It will also take a few days to properly remove old hardwood flooring if this is what you’re updating.


If you’re just renovating one room with new carpet, this work can usually be completed within a day. Depending on the size of your home, it may be possible to tear out old carpeting and replace it in multiple areas of your home, especially in smaller spaces like steps and hallways or smaller rooms.


Installing or replacing tile usually takes about 12 hours if the work is done professionally. The work may also be spread out to another day. This is more likely to be the case if you prefer to minimize disruptions in your daily routine or there are multiple areas that need new or updated tile flooring.

Flooring Layouts

With hardwood, the most common layout option is a side-by-side pattern. This type of layout usually doesn’t add too much time to the renovation work. This is also true with a standard wall-to-wall layout for carpeting. However, if you prefer a more intricate pattern, such as parquet, herringbone, or basket weave with hardwood, the placement and installation part of the renovation usually takes longer.

Refinishing & Sealant Applications

Some flooring renovation projects simply involve applying a new finish or sealant, which is often what’s preferred with hardwood flooring that’s still in generally good shape. In this instance, you’ll need to wait about 24 hours between coatings if you’re using an oil-based sealant. With refinishing, the duration of the project depends on the extent of the damage to the surface and whether or not you’ll need to fix the subfloor. 

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