Kitchen Remodeling: Electrical Circuits, Wiring, & Other Essentials

Remodeling your kitchen can increase your home’s value and help you sell the property faster. Even if you’re planning to remain in your home for years to come, hiring kitchen remodeling contractors to upgrade your kitchen could save you money in the long run and potentially increase your storage space while decluttering the room and improving its appearance. Before you decide on the features and changes you want, it’s best to know the typical electrical requirements involved with a kitchen remodel.


Upgrading the electrical circuits can boost the value of your property. However, you need to know how many you’ll add and where those outlets will be placed. Keep in mind that having multiple electrical devices throughout the kitchen requires a board to operate them correctly and safely. Therefore, you need to avoid overloading one circuit. Many homes require at least seven circuits in the kitchen, but this varies according to the number of appliances, lighting, other features, and your preference for convenience.


Your kitchen requires more lighting than other rooms, and the level of lighting depends on the size and layout of the room. When remodeling, consider using lights that illuminate the entire room in addition to targeting specific spaces with individual task lighting. 

Remember that relighting the kitchen is vital. Therefore, each set of lights in the kitchen renovation should have a separate switch. As a result, you’ll be able to control individual lights in the room without turning them all on and running up your utility bill or causing electrical issues.


Most national electric codes require kitchens to have two separate amps and circuits for the countertops. During the remodeling process, these circuits will need to be placed a specific number of feet apart. This distance will vary according to the power needed. The smaller the countertop appliances, the lower the amps and voltage needed for the electrical boards. However, larger devices, such as dishwashers and mini fridges for wine and other beverages, typically use the most electricity. Regardless, to prevent the circuits from exploding and the appliances from breaking down, go over the requirements for appliances and make your selection based on recommendations from a professional contractor.

Special Installations

Permanent appliances can be added to your kitchen during renovation. For instance, instead of having a plug-in microwave, you can choose to have a permanent microwave installed above the stove. With any kind of significant or permanent upgrade, there are typically dedicated wiring requirements. Some regulations stipulate you need a cord and plug, while others may accept hard-wired appliances and special installations. Before your kitchen remodel begins, learn more about the upgrades you want and determine what’s required for them in terms of amps, circuits, and more. 

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