Are Appliances or Countertops Installed in a Kitchen First?

Whether you’re remodeling your current kitchen or having a new one built, it’s necessary to take the proper steps to avoid costly mistakes. For example, installing countertops and appliances is something you should never take lightly because it plays an integral role in appearance and efficiency. However, many people are unsure of which step goes first and often make errors that could prevent their appliances from working or detract from the appearance and functionality of the countertops. The more you understand this work, the less likely you’ll go in the wrong order.

First Up

The countertops should always be installed first, whether or not you’re installing appliances and changing other designs in the kitchen. Countertops are often the most expensive aspect of the kitchen renovation or building process. They can determine what look you’re going for when it comes to other necessities and amenities. Before starting the project, it’s essential to know what type of countertops you wish to install and visit local retailers to see these options in person. Talk with representatives to learn as much about the counters as possible to avoid preventable mistakes.

Top Appliance Types

Many people think of appliances as items such as air fryers, toasters, blenders, or can openers. However, many appliances will sit next to or within the countertops, from the refrigerator to the stove, dishwasher, and sink. Having measurements and the breakdown of these items is vital before beginning the installation process. These facts can determine how much space you have in the kitchen and what needs to be kept or removed from the plans and give you an estimated time frame for the renovation and installation process.

Before Buying Appliances

Countertops vary in size, quality, shape, and more. Choosing appliances that fit based on your vision and the actual project can make it easier for the kitchen remodeling contractors performing the installation. However, the way you purchase appliances and countertops will generally depend on preferences. For example, if your primary preference is functionality, it’s best to buy appliances first. In contrast, if space is a priority, countertop purchases need to be made first. Regardless, the latter should be installed before the appliances.

Setting a Realistic Budget

Before getting started, know what you can spend, especially if emergencies arise. Although careful planning will help you estimate your costs, there will likely be additional items you must purchase or steps you need to change, so be prepared to spend more money. Having a budget that includes extra funds for countertops, appliances, and other kitchen renovation necessities can keep your project going and reduce the odds of having to make changes you dislike.

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