How Many Flooring Types Is Too Many?

Choosing flooring for your home is just as exciting as selecting paint colors. Home remodeling contractors tend to have samples of just about any type of flooring you can imagine. On top of picking out a type, you also get to choose the perfect colors to create beautiful floors in each room of your home. 

Since the floors are one of the largest surfaces in a house, the decisions you make are going to be noticeable. Figuring out how many types of flooring to use in your home isn’t difficult, and you can use these basic rules to consult with your contractor and find the perfect ones for your house.

Follow the “Rule of Two”

As a general rule, most rooms should have no more than two types of flooring. Otherwise, the overall look can feel cluttered and confusing. However, you might be able to get away with more than one type in extremely large areas or rooms that serve multiple purposes. You’ll also want to try to stick to around three types for the whole house unless you have a home with multiple levels.

Match the Undertones

In a room, you might have hardwood and carpet. For instance, you can use a hardwood or tile flooring material at the entrance of the home that transitions to carpet as you walk through the main room. In this instance, trying to match the colors can give your house a bland look. Instead, consider matching the undertones in the two types of flooring to create a cohesive appearance that isn’t too glaring.

Use Rooms as Transitions

People often wonder how to create smooth transitions between the different types of flooring. Ideally, you can switch flooring types between rooms. For example, many homeowners choose hard floors for the hallways and put matching carpet in each of the bedrooms that are near each other. You might also choose to transition between the kitchen and living room floors by adding decorative trim.

Create Openness with a Single Type

If the prospect of picking out multiple kinds of flooring feels daunting, you can also opt to select a favorite that your contractor can install throughout the whole house. Many people choose laminate or hardwood flooring for every room, which makes it easier to move around with mobility devices or clean when they have pets. Even if you only prefer one type of floor, you can add some contrast by selecting different shades. Or you might choose to keep the floors the same to make the space look bigger. This method works especially well with open-concept layouts.

Make Intentional Choices

As you select flooring types, remember to also think about practicality. Choosing carpet for the kitchen simply doesn’t make sense for most people due to the likelihood that food or liquids will fall on the surface. Meanwhile, you might prefer carpet for your bedroom, where you’ll be more likely to walk across the floor with bare feet. Talking to your contractor about how you plan to use multipurpose areas can help him or her guide you to the right flooring type.

The design team from Forever Builders, one of the top remodeling and flooring companies Orange County homeowners rely on for honesty and impeccable service, will help you choose exactly the right flooring for your needs, and we’ll install it quickly, correctly, and efficiently. From design choices to installation, we’ll help you create the home of your dreams while keeping your costs within budget. To find out more about our exceptional flooring and remodeling services, give one of our friendly team members a call today.

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