What’s the Best Order for House Remodeling?

Whether you’ve purchased a fixer-upper home and decided to make renovations or it’s time to remodel your property after years of owning it, there are specific steps you should take first. Planning out the process could save you money and give you time to focus on the most significant changes.

Small Renovations

Painting walls, adding handrails, revamping closets, and remaking a fireplace front are smaller renovation jobs that have a substantial impact. These projects typically cost less money and can be completed in less time than other projects, such as adding a new room to the house. Therefore, it would be best to take on these remodeling jobs first, allowing the projects to be completed without decreasing your budget significantly. Finishing the smaller jobs will make you feel like more is accomplished, as opposed to completing one expensive remodeling project that doesn’t have as much effect when it comes to appearance.


This is an essential step for homeowners who plan to sell or rent their properties in the future or individuals who want to update the appearance of their homes. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms inside a home. However, it can be an expensive and time-consuming renovation project. For example, suppose you want to install different flooring, replace the countertops, and add more cabinets. In that case, it will take more time to remodel the kitchen, compared to painting the walls or installing rugs and other furniture and devices around the home.

Additional Rooms & Expansions

If you’re considering a full house remodel, cost is going to be one of your primary concerns. Additional and expanded rooms are generally the most costly projects and can increase homeowners insurance premiums. Get this remodeling done close to last so you know what you have left in your budget. At that time, you can adjust the project based on the money left for the renovations and what your insurance provider and building contractor suggest you should do in terms of remodeling adjustments that don’t cause your insurance premiums to increase significantly. With additional rooms, you can also take the projects one step at a time. For instance, if you plan to finish the basement and add a sunroom, you can focus on that aspect first and make additional changes in the future.


You don’t want people walking around your floors damaging them while remodeling other aspects of the home. Keep in mind that when painting walls, removing furniture, fixing ceilings, and doing other renovations, workers will walk across the floor constantly and bring products and tools in and out of the home, which can cause permanent stains and other forms of damage. Therefore, it would be best to do your floor remodeling last, regardless of whether you plan to install carpet, tile, hardwood flooring, or other options. 

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