Reasons to Avoid Using a Dark Color when You Paint Your Home

More homeowners are joining the trend of using dark colors when they paint the exterior of their homes. Should you be one of them? While a darker hue can add a touch of drama, especially if it’s used to accent a door or a wall, it creates a whole different look when it’s covering an entire house. Before you pick up a roller and a can of dark paint, here are a few reasons you should reconsider, brought to you by the pros from Forever Builders, the experts in painting services San Diego homeowners trust for exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched service. 

Fading & Peeling

Sunlight will cause a dark color to fade more quickly than a lighter one. In addition, dark paint on a house absorbs more of the sun’s rays, so it will heat up more, leading to greater expansion and contraction than you get with a light color. This means the paint will peel and blister much faster, so it won’t last as long, and you’ll have to repaint your home more often. 

Highlighted Flaws

Dark paint will accentuate any imperfections you may have on your home’s surface. If there are cracks, chips, gouges, or other similar flaws on the exterior of your home, dark paint will only draw attention to them, so you’ll have to do more maintenance. 

However, if you want to highlight certain features, such as the trim around your front door or the grooves in your siding, a dark color can provide a nice bit of contrast with a light color, and it won’t be visually overwhelming. 

Increased Heat Indoors

A house painted a dark color acts like a heat sponge, absorbing a greater amount of the sun’s heat than one painted a lighter shade. If you live in a warm climate like Southern California, this could turn your home into a virtual year-round hothouse and cause your cooling bills to go through the roof. White and similar light colors reflect more of the sun’s rays, which will help you keep your home cooler in hot weather.

Difficulty Selling Your Home

If there’s a possibility you may want to sell your home in the foreseeable future, it might not be the best idea to paint it with a dark color. Some potential buyers may love it, but a lot of them won’t. You’ll want to appeal to the widest group of buyers you can, and you don’t want the color of your home to be a deal-breaker. Sticking with lighter colors will give your home’s marketability a big boost if you ever decide to sell.

Painting your home is a major project, so it’s a good idea to hire experienced professional exterior house painters to ensure you’ll get high-quality results that last for years. If you’re ready to refresh the exterior of your home, make sure to hire professionals with years of experience with exterior house paint. San Diego homeowners can rely on the team from Forever Builders for outstanding workmanship and exceptional service that fits their budgets. To learn more about our exterior painting services, call one of our friendly team members today at (833) 243-5624.

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