Do Electric HVAC Systems Include Furnaces?

Typically, an electric HVAC system functions similarly to a gas one. However, when it comes to heat production, the latter uses gas, while the former uses electricity. Requirements for remodeling a property, including those associated with installing or replacing an HVAC system, are typically determined by state and local laws. The main goal is to balance budget and compliance with regulations while maximizing comfort levels. Continue reading as the pros from Forever Builders, one of the top remodeling companies Orange County homeowners trust for exceptional HVAC services at affordable rates, explain how electric HVAC units with furnaces offer several advantages compared to their gas counterparts.

Installation Prices & Longevity

An electric furnace generally costs less to purchase and install. Creating heat may not be a complex process, but for a gas HVAC unit to run efficiently and safely, the system of connections will require more elements and have to remain airtight. This means a gas furnace will cost more to install.

Another factor is ductwork installation, which may be required with gas units. If adequate space isn’t available, this will be another expense to consider, making an electrical option the less expensive choice.


Before making a remodeling decision, speak with a contractor about weather factors. Keep in mind not all homes have furnaces, and some don’t have central air conditioning. In these instances, people often rely on air conditioners, opting for single-room options they can place inside wall openings or windows.

Another factor to discuss is blockages and how they could affect your electric HVAC system and furnace. A contractor can give you these details in addition to information about zoning capabilities based on your existing unit. Some areas of your home may be cooler than others, while certain parts may be continuously warm. Going over these factors often makes it easier for homeowners to determine if they want to go with electric furnaces or gas options.

Maintenance & Longevity

Electric furnaces come with straightforward operating buttons, making them easier to manage and maintain. An electric unit uses a clean energy source to operate, meaning it can have a longer lifespan than a gas system. An electric system usually lasts between 20 and 30 years, whereas gas units need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

Other Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of having an electric furnace is that it runs more quietly than a gas furnace. This is great for individuals who work from home, have small children who nap throughout the day, or simply don’t want to hear the constant sounds from a gas HVAC system as it’s operating.

If you want to keep toxins out of your home, install an electric HVAC system with a furnace. There’s no carbon monoxide buildup. Another benefit is safety. A contractor can install an electric HVAC system with a furnace that doesn’t have fuel lines. This means there’s less danger of fire and a reduced risk of a noxious gas leak.

Whether you’re looking to install a new HVAC system or upgrade your existing one, call on the pros from Forever Builders. We’re the experts you can trust to provide an affordable range of HVAC services designed to ensure your home remains a haven of comfort and energy efficiency. To find out more about our outstanding services, from full home remodeling to high-quality HVAC installation, give one of our friendly team members a call today.

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