Should I Use Two Coats of Paint on My Home’s Exterior?

When you’re taking on a painting project, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring pros, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead as carefully as possible. If your project involves painting your home’s exterior, one of the first questions to ask is how many coats of paint will be necessary. The pros from Forever Builders, the experts in painting services San Diego homeowners trust for exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched service, explain whether you should use two coats of paint when you paint your home’s exterior. 

General Guidelines

If you’re simply planning to repaint the exterior of your house with the same color of paint that was used before, it’s possible to use only one coat, but you need to make sure the existing paint isn’t peeling or extremely weathered. Even if you’re able to get by with only one coat, most pros recommend using at least two coats of paint. This recommendation can change according to the color you choose, the quality of the paint, the surface you’re painting, and whether primer has been used. It costs more to use two or more coats of paint, but you’ll save money in the long run because your paint job will last as much as three to five times longer, giving your home more complete protection and reducing the need to repaint it as often. 

Painting Your Home a New Color

If you’re planning to change the color of your home’s exterior, you’re definitely going to require at least two coats of paint. If you’re changing the color from a lighter hue to a darker one, two coats should be enough. However, if you’re going to cover a darker color with a lighter one, multiple coats may be necessary. 

Applying a tinted primer is one technique professional painters often use to reduce the number of coats required. This is a less expensive method of blocking the color of the existing paint so you can start building up your desired color on your home’s exterior.

Preparing the Surface

Not using sufficient paint is one of the two major mistakes you can make when painting your home’s exterior. The second one is failing to properly prepare the exterior surface by cleaning, pressure washing, and priming it. If you make either of these mistakes, you’ll end up spending more in the long run, and you’ll probably have an exterior finish you’re not pleased with. It’s vital to thoroughly prepare the surface first because if the paint isn’t able to properly adhere to it, it doesn’t matter how many coats you use. 

Painting your home is a major project, so consider hiring experienced professional house painters to ensure you’ll get high-quality results that last for years. If you’re ready to refresh the exterior of your home, hire experts with years of experience. Whether they need a fresh coat of paint or a whole house remodel, San Diego homeowners can rely on the team from Forever Builders for outstanding workmanship and exceptional service that fits their budgets. To learn more about our painting services, call one of our friendly team members today at (833) 243-5624.

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