Do Kitchens Require Dedicated Circuits?

When remodeling homes in the past, specifically kitchens, the majority of appliances were plugged into traditional outlet circuits. With technological advancements, standard building codes are inadequate, resulting in the need for dedicated circuits. Below are some of the benefits of having a kitchen with these circuit requirements


While most smaller and newer appliances can function on any circuit, larger and more advanced ones cannot. To ensure your home can handle the electrical advances you have within the kitchen area, the National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that larger electronics and certain smaller appliances operate on dedicated circuits.

For proper guidance, it’s best to seek advice from experienced kitchen remodeling contractors when remodeling your home. Neglecting this could result in significant legal and financial consequences that could have been prevented. The goal is to complete the job correctly so you can benefit from your new renovations, whether that’s selling your home or staying up to date with trends.


Overheating can occur in a kitchen. However, with the requirements of dedicated circuits, you can reduce the risks of excessive electrical loads within the room and prevent the wiring from overheating. Circuits are designed to protect major appliances from experiencing electrical damage. 

Keep in mind using your appliances on non-dedicated circuits could be extremely risky and potentially cause the kitchen to catch on fire. Properly installed systems distribute power evenly so circuit breakers work correctly without tripping, creating a safer, more convenient, and more efficient environment inside the kitchen as well as in other areas inside and outside the home.

Appliances that Benefit the Most

Stoves, refrigerators, and wall ovens are some of the products within the kitchen that utilize the most energy. Having dedicated circuits could ensure every appliance within the room has adequate electricity without compromising safety and effectiveness. To achieve this, the circuits will focus energy on fewer appliances and give the increased energy to equipment that needs it at the time.

Some smaller appliances, such as microwaves and toasters, will draw a lot of power, especially when being operated at the same time. Regardless, dedicated circuits work great in these areas and with both small and large appliances because they’re designed to spread power consumption throughout the room and eliminate power surges.

Increased Value

Remodeling the kitchen not only gives your home more appeal with additional cooking and storage space, but it can also increase property value. The dedicated circuits required when renovating the kitchen make the room more convenient and easier to use, which is one of the reasons it can boost your home’s value. 

Electricity issues can negatively impact potential buyers’ perception of the house if you decide to sell it later. Therefore, when you want to make the home more valuable and appealing, whether for potential sale or in general, it would be an excellent idea to speak with your contractor about dedicated circuits and other systems to consider as well as other factors within the house.

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