When’s the Optimal Time of Year for a Home Remodel?

Home remodeling projects yield the best results when you put some thought into when you want the contractor to start the work. Some projects are more cost-effective to do during the less busy times of year when materials may be cheaper. Other projects are better to get out of the way before you want to host a big family event at your house. If you’re considering a full house remodel, cost will of course be a primary consideration, but timing is essential as well. During your consultation with a contractor, you can ask him or her to help you find the best time of the year to remodel your home. You’ll also find this decision is easier when you know a few of the basics about which times of year are best for certain types of projects.

Consider the Humidity & Temperature

Certain projects tend to go well when humidity levels are low. For example, paint tends to dry faster indoors if the air is dryer, and the same is also true for concrete. If you’re planning a room addition or other type of building add-on, a contractor might suggest waiting until the ground is at the right temperature. Pouring a concrete foundation might go more smoothly during the late winter and early spring, when the ground is more solid compared to the height of the rainy season.

Make the Most of the Spring & Fall

The spring and fall months typically have moderate temperatures along with fairly predictable weather. Remodeling contractors enjoy working on outdoor projects during these months, since the work environment is more comfortable. You’ll also find that you’ll be able to see the results of a project in their full glory during these seasons. For instance, you’ll be able to start using your outdoor kitchen right away rather than waiting, like you might have to do in the winter.

Utilize Summer Vacations & Outdoor Activities

Indoor projects are also great to get out of the way during times of the year when the contractor’s noise and activities won’t be so bothersome. For instance, planning a bathroom remodel during the swimming season means your family will have an easy way to get clean during the few days you might not be able to use the shower. 

Some homeowners also prefer to start noisy projects while they’re away on short vacations. You can have a neighbor let the contractor’s team into your house to start on a weekday morning, and you can plan to be home around the time they get done to check out their finished work.

Think about Your Social Calendar

Special events that occur throughout the year may also influence when you want to schedule a project. If you enjoy hosting a family dinner during a specific holiday, you’ll want to make sure a kitchen remodeling project is completed in time for you to be ready to invite everyone over. The same is also true about a home office conversion. Planning to have your new room built before your employer’s busy season means you’ll be ready to show up to your online meetings with a peaceful and organized background.

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