Creating a Perfect Mudroom: What to Know about Adding One to Your Home

A mudroom can be the ideal place for your family to stash their muddy shoes, backpacks, and dog leashes when they come inside. While the entryway of your home serves as a more formal place to welcome guests, the mudroom is an area where your family can feel comfortable hanging up their raincoats and putting away their gardening gloves. Figuring out whether you can add a mudroom to your house requires thinking about a few details that will influence your enjoyment of the new space.

Find Out if an Addition Is Possible

Adding a completely new room to your home isn’t a DIY project, but a mudroom addition might be possible if your property meets specific guidelines. Room addition contractors can check the size and layout of your property to make sure there’s enough space for a mudroom. They’ll also know the local building codes that regulate specific aspects of new additions, such as whether you need the perimeter of your house to be a certain number of feet from the property line. If a new room addition is possible, this option gives you the most control over designing a custom mudroom that fits your family’s unique needs.

Consider a Conversion

If your property lacks the space for a whole new room addition, you might still have the ability to convert a current part of your house into a mudroom. Many kitchens have extra room near the back or side door that allows a contractor to add a wall to partition off the space and create a designated area for people to clean up before they walk into the rest of the house. Or your garage might have an area that’s perfect for installing shelving and benches. Other options include converting a back patio or a portion of a large front porch into a mudroom.

Determine if New Plumbing Is Necessary

To some people, a mudroom is just a place to hang up coats and backpacks. For others, it’s the ideal place to wash gardening tools and bathe pets before they come inside on a rainy day. If you want a large sink or tub in the mudroom, you’ll want to consult with a local contractor. Most of the time, contractors can install new plumbing or reroute existing lines to make all of your mudroom dreams a reality.

Plan Out the Details

Customized mudrooms offer families the opportunity to streamline their lifestyles by having organized spaces that hold the items they need on a daily basis. The best mudrooms aren’t cookie-cutter versions you’ll find in every home. Instead, make sure to let your contractor know if you need space to stow baby strollers and other gear or if your little soccer players could use cubbies for holding their duffle bags. Personalizing the mudroom means everyone will use it just like you planned, which can keep clutter out of the rest of your home.

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