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Your Landscaping Sanctuary

A backyard is an opportunity to customize your very own sanctuary. Whether you want to install a pool, restore your landscaping, change the theme yard – whatever it is, you are in control of what your final product will be. Before doing so, check out some yard design favorites that might be perfect for your look!

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1. All White Everything

Reach the true potential of summer landscaping by using one monochromatic color for your backyard. Use bright colored cement with simplistic backyard furniture to achieve simple elegance.

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2. Dinner in the Outdoors

If you are really hoping to get your entire family together, try moving dinner outside! Use a simple wooden pergola to cover your eating area to enjoy the sun while having a meal.


3. Simple Home Garden Landscape 

Landscaping and backyard design doesn’t have to be complicated. Use consistent flower and bush elements throughout your entire backyard. Bring all of your design elements with simple outdoor furniture.

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4. Pergola Centerpiece 

Wooden pergolas have many uses for them in terms of accessorizing your backyard. Try placing a wooden pergola in the center of your flower bed to bring focus to your beautiful flowers!

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5. Magical Walkways

Turn any ordinary patio spaces with inserted solar-powered light fixtures. This is a great way of accessorizing your backyard space effortlessly.

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6. Through the Grapevine

If your home needs some extra green in their front yard, or backyard spaces, start growing vine and climbing plants that will turn any home into an antiquated haven.

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7. Wooden Backyard Design

Using wooden paneling for your backyard is an ideal design with a small backyard, but you want outdoor seating. This look is sure to widen your outdoor space.

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5. The Two-Story Backyard 

Inserting stone stepping stones in your backyard will turn create two sections of your backyard. You can have one section for your garden and landscaping designs and the other to outdoor seating!

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9. Stone & Wood

You can never go wrong when pairing stone ground elements with a wooden pergola. This look is great for modern or traditional homes.

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10. The Traditional Wooden Pergola

Dark stains for a wooden pergola is an ideal finish to capture a traditional feel to your backyard design. Dark stains on a wooden pergola is sure to turn any backyard to a luxury spot!

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11. A Lavish Look 

Uncovered seating area and stone fireplace is perfect to those in areas with consistent weather patterns. You can never go wrong with an outdoor fireplace place, especially if you life somewhere where its nice weather all year long!

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12. A European Aesthetic

Instead of a green landscape, try using landscape rocks to fill your backyard. This will help accentuate your green landscape designs on the sides of your backyard.

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13. Front yard Stone Entry

Make any home look like a manor by using large walkway step stones. They will create a modern, yet chic aesthetic for any home with some extra front yard space.

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14. Landscape Stones

There never has to be one type of landscape stone in your backyard design. Try two or three or even four to really spice up your landscape design.

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15. Landscape, Landscape, and More Landscape

If you don’t like spending your entire summer cutting the grass or fertilizing the flower beds – this landscape design is the entire package! Be creative with your walkway stones and landscaping material and creating an entire design of simple landscape.

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16. A Residential Picnic Table

Outdoor picnics are the perfect way of getting your whole family together. By using a raised outdoor platform and dark finishes on your wooden picnic table and platform you can turn your backyard into an immaculate design.

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17. Summer Day Naps

Add a simple wooden pergola to your backyard, and with just two hooks you can attach an outdoor getaway – perfect for naps or reading a book in the sun!

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18. Contemporary Walkway Stones

A walkway leading up to a seating area creates a classy aesthetic to any backyard. This design is easy to maintain and it’s elegance never fades away!

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19. Exceptional Landscaping Items

Create your very own paradise in your very own backyard. Ponds in residential backyards is an up and coming trend.

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20. Transcendent Garden Landscaping

Take advantage of the opportunity to be creative on your fence walls. Three sided wooden garden beds that can be attach to just about everything!

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21. Under the Patio Living Room

Bring your living room outside with sophisticated outdoor furniture and pieces. Try using string lights to brighten your outdoor space at night.

22. The Swing for All Ages

Wooden pergolas don’t always have to be used as a cover for your outdoor furniture. Attach a beautiful swing paired with brightly colored pillow elements.

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23. Simple Backyard Designs

Use a leftover piece of wooden fence as a divider in your backyard. This backyard design is easy to put together and customizing it to your own backyard and landscaping.

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24. Bold Landscape Designs

If you enjoy staying outside day and night, consider a stone outdoor fire place to create a breathtaking seating arrangement in your backyard.

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25. The Best Landscape View

If you are looking to put some festivity decor into your landscaping, try a bar. This will bring all your family and friends together for some outside fun!

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26. Fire Landscaping

The blue may be deemed a little more unconventional, yet it creates a seamless classical feel to your kitchen. Pair it with light or dark brown wood flooring and paneling to create a timeless look that has a twist.

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27. The Seaside Backyard Design

Create the feel of a beach environment by placing an outdoor shower head near a pool, hose, or other open spaces.

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28. Simple Walkway Landscaping

This walkway landscaping design is a simple layout to maintain and its sure to allure anyone walking through your landscape.

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29. Easy Landscape Designs

If you are looking to create an elegant, yet easy landscape design, use your house! The wall of your home can create a small oasis in your backyard, and you can create the type of ambiance you want to capture.

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30. Magical Walkway Designs

Use the essence of nature and design cement frames for beautiful vines can lay effortlessly on your walk to your front yard or backyard.

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