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Latest Small Home Office Ideas

A dedicated workspace is essential for everyone to stay productive and organized. Designing a home office can be challenging, especially for those who live in a small house or apartment. Small home office ideas that don’t consume your space while keeping a beautiful aesthetic isn’t so easy to come by. Have no worry; we have put together the best office design ideas that suit any space and style.

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#1 Maximizing Small Office Space

If you are maximizing your small space, this home office design layout is perfect for you! Convert one of your closets into an office desk for home use. This is a great home office style that’s perfect for small spaces because when your work is finished leave your home office behind your closet door – no clutter!

Expert Style Tips:

  • Try to select small home office chairs, they are lightweight and will be easy to put back and forth in your new home office space

  • Use office decorating themes that will allow you to be very simple with your decor. This will avoid your closet office space to look like a messy closet space

office desk for home

#2 Your Very Own Corner Office

If you are focused on finding workspace solutions, here’s one to consider. A corner wood table planning is perfect for saving space, working, and you can use it as a bedside table.

Expert Style Tips:

  • Since this home office desk can be a workspace elements along as other bedroom elements, use elements that convey that – try an alarm clock with a picture frame of your family or friends

  • This style of desk that is perfect for the corner of your room, select office decorating ideas that display a polished, sleek look, such as a lightweight, modern office chair

small desk with shelves

#3 The Multitasking Home Office

This design is the epitome of creative office decor. This design will provide an accessible desk with storage space. Use the shelves on this cabinet desk combo for your work materials or your own personal items!

Expert Style Tips:

  • Using shelves as a workspace aspects can really set your home office space apart from the rest of your room, instead try to use organizational components that allows you to mix your work with your play and tie your entire room together

  • Don’t stare at your wall while you are working – choose an art piece to hang behind your desk that truly expresses the ambiance of who you are and your decor themes

small desk

#4 Tiny Home Office

Sometimes the best approach to creating a small home office is taking an uncomplicated approach. By using a simple wood block, you will have a cozy computer work table that will take up only an inch of space!

Expert Style Tips: 

  • This look is truly emphasizing a minimalist workspace approach, try using an office chair that is proportional to your desk area

  • Try selecting one to two decor elements to uplift your workspace – if you select too many elements, you won’t have much room to work

long office desk

#5 The Long Office Desk

If you have living room office space, this home office design is an impressive way to save space in your home. This look has a simple home office design that can be dressed up or dressed down. If you have people coming over, simply take your work materials and replace them with light-weight room decor.

Expert Style Tips:

  • If you adopt this design for your small home office space, use creative office decor that is adaptable to your work time and when you have guests over; look for decorations that capture classy, yet relaxed

  • Use monochromatic colors for your walls and decorations, this will help maintain a homey feel to your work space

small office

#6 The Stair Advantage

Many people use the space under their stairs for home decor, but don’t overlook the potential! Find a cabinet computer desk that will fit all of your books, work materials, and computer. A desk with drawers and shelves for a home office in a hallway space is essential for putting your articles away and not losing anything in the shuffle!

Expert Style Tips

  • Since your desk will be in a crowded area of your home, use a lot of drawers, shelves, and other organization materials to help you put things away quickly and tidily

  • Try to use subtle, consistent colors for this home office design, this will help the space not be obtrusive to the rest of the home’s decor

simple home office design

#7 The Elegant Loft

Loft beds aren’t just for college dorms. With your very own individualized office decorating ideas, you will create a mellow ambiance that’s ideal for work and play.

Expert Style Tips

  • Use beautiful string lights for your workspace by tying it throughout the bottom of the bed and its poles – this will create a soothing space while you’re working

  • Try a rug – since your bed is in such close proximity to your workspace, try to connect the ambiance of the two, a rug will help untie the two settings

minimalist workspace

#8 A Minimalist Workspace

A simple home office design is easy to achieve for your space. Look for office chairs for small spaces and pair it with a modest table. This design is easy to put away and saves a lot of room that could be used for other purposes!

Expert Style Tips

  • Use a lightweight office chair to create a balanced workspace design

  • Be creative with your wall elements – since this design is best for open home spaces, be creative with your wall elements to achieve a cozy corner to work

office wall shelves

#9 Shelves Galore

Refined shelves that up a considerable amount of the width of your wall will create an area for you to store your work materials and accessorize.

Expert Style Tips

  • Use thick, broad wall shelving to use it to not only place your work materials on it, but also, to capture a room and accessorize it

  • Use subtle colors for all of your workspace fundamentals to ensure this space serves as your own personal nook instead of disrupting the rest of your home’s decor

home office ideas small space

#10 The Ultimate Organizer

If you rely on your desk to keep you on track, or you are a self-run business owner, a home office with the right elements will work flawlessly for you. Organization pieces can be used for accessibility, but it’s also an opportunity to put together decoration that livens up your workspace.

Expert Style Tips

  • This design is perfect for those dedicated home workers – use organizational elements that can accessorize your home spaces, while effectively helping you avoid clutters in your workspace

  • Capitalize on your home’s space as much as you can by using the wall to hang up your organizational materials

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