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Affordable Driveway Services

Your driveway may not strike you as the most exciting piece of your property, but it is critical to the form and function of your home. Old, cracked driveways can allow water to pool up, creating annoying puddles on your property that can leak back into your garage, depending on their location. The appearance of a damaged driveway detracts from even the most attractive homes. A fresh, new driveway, on the other hand, updates the appearance of any home, as well as providing a nice space for your car. A poured concrete driveway looks bright and clean, and a driveway made of pavers can be easily integrated into your walkways and overall landscaping.

If you are interested in new driveways in San Diego, we hope you will consider Forever Builders. We have been installing San Diego driveways for over ten years and are experienced in both concrete and paver driveways. Our hundreds of happy customers can attest to our professional approach and timely performance – we work hard to deliver our projects on time, minimizing any inconvenience to you. Your goals are our goals; we will never push you to purchase a driveway that doesn’t work for you or your budget.

Our Driveway Services:

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Block Paving, Asphalt, Concrete, Brick and Many More Driveway Styles

We provide our clients with various options for their driveway renovation. Our concrete driveway contractors are experienced in block paving, asphalt, concrete, brick and many more driveway styles. We are confident that we are able to provide the ideal driveway for each of our clients.

Learn more about our process

  • Consultation

    At Forever Builders, we pride ourselves on an individual approach to all of our customers. Your new driveway will begin with a personal consultation. We will meet with you to discuss what your priorities are for your new driveway. Perhaps you are looking to simply replace your current driveway, but if you ever plan to expand your driveway in size, this may be the right time. You might even hope to upgrade to a fancier driveway that can add to the look of your home. Our team will evaluate your current driveway and advise you on which options will work in the space you have.

  • Budgeting

    Our goal is to find the driveway solution that works for you within a price range you can afford. We will present you with all the options, from standard poured concrete to elegant pavers. With so many choices, you are bound to find a driveway that works for you and your wallet.

  • Design

    Here is your opportunity to make your driveway into a thing of beauty – or not! You can stick with the straightforward and classic poured concrete, which is simple and functional. Or you can choose pavers from our wide selection. We offer brick and concrete pavers in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors. Once you have made your selection, our design team can work out a pattern to fit your driveway. In addition to creating a pattern that is aesthetically pleasing, we will also design the slope of your driveway to ensure proper drainage.

  • Preparation

    Before we can put in your new driveway, we will have to remove the current driveway. This can be a noisy procedure, so you may want to arrange to be out of the house that day! We will take care to remove all construction debris. To prepare the space for either poured concrete or pavers, we will excavate as much as twelve inches down to make way for your new driveway.

  • Production

    If you choose a poured concrete driveway, we will examine the soil base that will support the driveway. Depending on the type of soil, we may need to add sand, gravel, or clay to it, or if your soil is too loose, we will compact it before moving forward. A strong base will add longevity to your driveway. The concrete slab will be poured on top of the base and we will finish it with a curing compound.
    If you choose pavers for your driveway, we will start with a base layer of crushed stone followed by coarse sand for proper drainage and structural integrity. A strong, deep base will ensure that your pavers maintain a level height over time, with not dips or bumps. We will install edge restraints to keep the shape of the driveway over time. Once the pavers are arranged, we will fill the spaces with sand to lock the pavers into place. Last, we will seal the pavers for durability and reduced maintenance.

  • Completion

    At this point, you will have a strong, attractive driveway that should last for years. But don’t park your car just yet! If you chose poured concrete, your driveway will require somewhere between 3 and 7 days to cure, depending on weather conditions. But once the wait is over, you should enjoy a bright, smooth driveway that will add to your home’s appearance.

    Our Forever Builders team stands by our work, so if anything should go wrong with your driveway, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. With ten years of San Diego driveway installation behind us, you can rest assured that we will be available for years to come.

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Forever Builders did an amazing job remodeling my home. They were very friendly and I appreciated how they approached helping me get thru the remodeling process. After this home construction experience, I would recommend to all to go to Forever Builders for all remodeling purposes! I was really impressed with their work.

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